FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions


What is BSV Search?

BSV Search is a website for people to find others with whom to transact in BSVs, the tokens managed by the original Bitcoin Protocol restored and implemented on Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV).

  • Businesses can create a page for their business. From restaurants and hotels to creative people in film and music as well as traditional services like accounting and law advice. 
  • People and businesses can also offer real estate properties for sale or rent.
  • BSV Search is a place where you can sell all types of new or used vehicles from cars, vans or trucks to boats, yachts and canoes, inluding light vehicles like bikes and scooters. 
  • It is a place where you can sell new or used household items like furniture, clothing, appliances and gardening tools. 
  • Artists, Sculptors, photographers and other creative people can also promote their works under the Creations section, and link the BSV search page to their website.
  • Writers and authors can promote their books and ebooks in the Publications section, and link the BSV search page to a website where people can purchase their works.
  • Freelancers can offer their services and those looking for the freelance services can advertise their need.

You create a page providing the information of your offer, provide your details so people can contact you. If you are selling your publications or creative works, you link your BSV page to a page on your website, or blog, where people can purchase the specific product you are promoting. You organise and manage your transactions directly with the buyer, the seller, or service provider. You are in full control. 

BSVSearch.com also contributes in educating people about the true Bitcoin (BSV, not BTC), exploring all its features and benefits as well as the different tools, products, software and apps in its eco-system. 

BSV Search empowers you to use the power of the Bitcoin Satoshi Vision — the coin, the network and the protocol — to live, work and earn a living in an ever-modernising world. 

How much does it cost to post here?

None. It is free to post here. So go ahead and post as much as you want. 

How do I submit my own content?

You need to Create An Account
After creating an account, you can make a submission to add your business, sell an item or offer it for rent by clicking here

Do you need to approve submissions first? How does the approval process work?

Before submissions are cleared for publication, we quickly run through the submission for apparent things like offensive or pornographic text and images and other indications that a submission is from a bot or a spammer. This means so long as you are making an honest effort to submit legitimate material, you can expect your submissions to be cleared for publication.  

How do I find out about all the post from a particular user?

When you are viewing the profile of a user, click on Submissions to look at all the submissions they currently have.


When you click that, you will see a list of the Submissions from the user. 


How do I find out the most recent activities of a particular user?

When viewing a user profile, you see a link to their activities:


By clicking here, you get to see their recent activities to see if they have made updates to one of their posts that you might have interest in or to see what comments they have been making on the website. Online, these little details can help us know people a little bit more and helps us decide whether they are the type of people we want to deal with. We want BSV Search to be a website that gives people positive experiences, and we want to encourage participants to be civil, friendly and helpful and help them do more business.  

How do I find out when a submission has been posted and when it was last modified or updated?

At the bottom of each submission is a Post Details section. This is where extra information about a post can be seen like Last Modified date and the Post Date.

Post Details

The Different Sections

BSV-Friendly Businesses/Organisations

This section is where you can search for a restaurant, an accountant, a plumber or any other business in your local area who are happy to accept BSV in search of their products or services. You can also search for organisations that are non-business entities, such as communities, websites, and forums that support BSV.  

We are continually filling up our directory to ensure that people all over the world can find what they are looking for. If you have a business and you want to take advantage of the BSV payment system and attract business from BSV fans and supporters, we invite you to list your business here, without waiting for us to add it for you, because we are a small team and we are likely going to miss many business and organisations. 

We encourage ALL businesses: from restaurants, hotels, hamburger places and pizzerias to services like those who provide trades services like electricians and builders. Professional services like development in blockchain, the web and the internet are encouraged, including traditional services like accountancy, law, bookkeeping, notary services, etc.

Organisations that are necessarily set up as a business (for-profit) entity. Community initiatives and other non-profits can and should list their organisations here.  

My Business/Organisation is listed here and we want to modify our details, how can we do this?  

To confirm who submitted the listing, you can check its Contact tab and if it indicates BSVSearch, please reach out to us, so we can assign ownership and responsibility of that page to you. You will need to create an account first, and we will need to verify that the email address of the account is an email address in the domain name of the entity. 

Requests to have listings deleted for an organisation needs to be made from an email in the same domain name as the entity to ensure that the person requesting its deletion is representing the company. 


This section is where you can post an offer to sell any of the following vehicles:

  • Cars, vans, trucks and motorcycles  
  • Bikes, eBikes, scooters and hoverboards
  • Boats, yachts, canoes and kayaks
  • Campervans and motorhomes  
  • Hang Gliders, balloons,  jetpacks   and snowmobiles
  • Other vehicles
Properties for Sale or Rent

In this section, you can offer any of your properties for sale or rent - whether it is Residential, Commercial, Industrial or Land. 

All property types are welcome, including: 

  • Apartment
  • Bungalow
  • Cabin
  • Cape Cod
  • Colonial
  • Condos
  • Container Home
  • Co-op
  • Cottage
  • Craftsman
  • Duplex
  • Farmhouse
  • Flat
  • Houseboat
  • Mansion
  • Manufactured Home
  • Mediterranean
  • Mid-Century Modern Style
  • Mobile Home
  • Ranch
  • Semi-detached house
  • Single-Family home
  • Split Level
  • Stand-alone house
  • Studio
  • Terraced House
  • Tiny House
  • Townhome
  • Townhouse
  • Tudor
  • Unit
  • Victorian
Items for sale

If you have items, you no longer use that could be useful for other people, why keep them in your house, taking up precious space? Sell them here in exchange for BSV tokens instead. 

What sort of items can you offer to sell here?

So long as it is legal to sell in your country, you may offer to sell them here. Most things found in households are ideal for listing here: including clothing, furniture, books, appliances and gadgets. 


In this section, you can promote any event your business, employer, local government, or you organised. It could be a corporate event, a government event or a street party! 


Creations is for creative people like painters, illustrators, photographers, sculptors, designers and those skilled in crafts to offer their works for sale. 


Publications is where authors and writers can sell their own books, or ebooks.

Making a Submission

Steps to making a submission

1. At the end of drafting your submission on any of the submission pages here, you choose Save As: 'Admin to Review' to send your submission for one of the site administrators to check. 

2. After your submission is checked, the site administrator could label it as 'Author to Update' to send it back to you for further edits or Clear for publication.

A submission could be placed under 'Author to Update' status for reasons like a post containing images with nudity, anything disturbing or offensive, and other such issues. 

The reason will be specified on your Submitted Content page (My Account>Submissions). 

3. If your submission is Cleared for publication, it will be published on the website. 

Tips in Drafting a Submission 
  • Provide a good description, information about the subject of your post because they are used by the website to search for submissions relevant to what a website user is looking for. Use words specific to that product, item or industry: words that you think people will use to search and find your page. 
I see a box that says Moderation State, Change to, Log Message and an Apply button. What is this?

When you finished drafting a submission, and send it to Admin to Review, and change your mind, and you, as an Author wants to continue to working on the document, you can take it back to Author to Update status when you see this Moderation Control box that looks like this:

Moderation Form From to To when updating content.

 Log Message, a field where you can provide extra information to the administrators of the site, for things that you think would be important. 

You can set your submission back to Admin to Review when you are ready. 

I see one of my Submissions in Author to Update what does this mean?

When you go to My Account > Submissions, you might see something like this:

My Account, Submissions, Author to Update

In the above example, we see that the admin has placed a note saying that the post has offensive images, and this is why the submission is still under Author to Update status, and it is not Published (x) yet. This means that the Author needs to open the document again and correct for whatever issues were mentioned on the page above. Once these issues had been corrected for, the Author should change the Moderation State back to Admin to Review.

How long does it normally take for a submission to be approved?

We endeavour to review all submissions within 24-48 hours. 

Can I still edit my document while it is in Admin to Review status?

Yes you still can. You can access your submitted content in My Account > Submissions. From there, you can click to edit your submissions. 

How can I tell if my submission has been approved?

Submitted contents approved for publication can be verified in two ways:

1) You can see it on the website listed under the appropriate section.

The submission is publicly visible.

2) Go to My Account > Submissions, and look out for Cleared (meaning Cleared for Publication) and confirmed that the document is Published (a check mark).  

My Account, Submissions, Cleared, Published

Important Items to Understand

BSV Search does not represent any of the Sellers or Buyers on the website

BSV Search provides a website where offers are made to sell or buy but it is important for website users and visitors to know the following:

  • We do not verify, certify or claim to know any of the participants here. This is why we encourage people to visit the website provided about each post or have a conversation with the person making the offer to find out what you can before deciding to transact with them.  
  • We do not facilitate the transaction or payments between participants here. It is up to you to make arrangement with each of the individuals with whom you do business. 
Trust and Identity

People would likely be more comfortable dealing with people they know a little about. Make the most of the space provided for you to write as much information as possible to others considering doing business with you.  It is up to you to decide how much information you wish to provide but if you have a website, an email address or a phone number , consider if you should share them to make it easier for other users to contact you. 

Items and activities not allowed

The concept is, if it is illegal for you to sell, or offer for rent or otherwise, then please do not post it on BSV Search. Obvious items include illegal drugs, weapons and all those things not considered savoury by most people, and by the law. If you are not sure, please check the laws that apply to you. 

Transacting Online and with BSV Search

Tips on transacting online and with BSV Search

BSV Search provides offers from people and businesses who submit them to this website. We do not certify or verify who they are. We are not involved in whatever transactions may take place between two people about the items posted here. We encourage people to take basic precautions when dealing with people they do not know, some of which are mentioned below:

  • When you need to meet with people to exchange goods and transfer payments, meet with people in a public area or, if possible, near a police station. 
  • Before you buy from someone, check out their profile so you know the person making the offer before you decide to transact with them. The scrutiny you apply depends on what they are offering. You might care less if you are buying a box of old books than if you were buying a car or a motorcycle, where the government establishes a process on how such sales are to take place.  
  • Transacting in BSV is no different from agreeing to exchange one thing for another (unless under dictatorships and authoritarian regimes explicitly prohibiting the use of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies). You can write contracts and agreements.
  • Therefore, when practical - like in cases of sales of expensive items - write an agreement. This agreement should provide details of both parties, including their names and addresses, to evidence that a transaction is taking place. Emails and communications of this are useful in proving details of the intentions of the people transacting. 
  • Having a contract/agreement evidenced by signatures, and third parties, including notaries when appropriate, are helpful if one party needs to assert their rights because the other person did not fulfil their side of the bargain. 

Asking Questions about a Post and Providing Feedback or Reviews to a Business or a User

How do I ask a question about a post? 

If you have questions about a post, you can ask it privately (if you do not want your question and your conversation to be seen by others) or publicly (if you are happy for your question and conversation to be seen by other users of the website).

Option 1: Privately

Within the description of a post, look for the Contact tab and the username of the author of the post. 


Click the name which leads you to the author's user profile:


Click on Contact, fill out the Contact Form and send. 
Contact Form Sample

The message is sent to the author's email address so they can email you back. 

Option 2: Publicly 

This is useful if you think that other users interested in the product might also benefit from knowing the answer to your question and you do not mind sharing the conversation for the rest to see on the website.

To ask your question publicly, expand the Questions and Comments at the bottom of the submission/post. Type your question, choose whether you want to be notified when there's a reply to your comment or any comment made on the same post. 


How do I provide a Feedback to, or Review of, a Business?

At the bottom of a Business Page, expand the Business Review section. Fill out the Subject or Title of your Review, give the Business a Rating out of 5 stars, where 5 is the most favourable and 1 is the least favourable. 

Business Review Form

Please note that other users and the business you are reviewing may also reply to your review to give them the chance to respond to reviews and feedback they receive. 

How do I provide a Feedback to, or Review of, a User?

At the bottom of a User Profile is a User Feedback/Review form that you can fill out. 


Please note that other users and the business you are reviewing may also reply to your review to give them the chance to respond to reviews and feedback they receive. 

'Sample' and 'Live' Content

While we are waiting for more people like you to get involved and start using and adopting BSV in your daily lives, work and business, we post sample content for demonstration purposes. Eventually, live content will drown out the sample content after which we will slowly deactivate the sample content. 

To find out whether a listing is a sample or a live content, you can check it under the POST DETAILS section. 

When searching for something on the website, you can filter the search results to only show 'live content' by indicating your preference on the Search from under 'Content Class'. 


Guidelines with BSV-Tipped Content
  • Each content should have its own unique BSV address. Meaning, you should not assign a BSV address to other content.
  • Only use content that you created, or that you have a legal right to use, to avoid copyright disputes in the future. 
Copyright Issues when using other people's songs or music and asking for tips

Performing a song in a public forum where you are not asking for tips could be considered a fair use of the song, and you would not need permission from the copyright holder. However, if you perform a famous song online, record it, and publish it online, and ask people to send you tips, you may be infringing on the copyright of the song's owner, which could result in damages, attorney's fees, and even criminal charges.

Here are some specific reasons why your actions could be considered copyright infringement:

  • You are creating a derivative work of the song. When you record a cover of a song, you are creating a derivative work of the original song. This is a copyright-protected work, and you need permission from the copyright holder to create a derivative work.
  • You are distributing the song without permission. When you post your recording of the song on YouTube, you are distributing the song to a large audience. This is a copyright-protected act, and you need permission from the copyright holder to distribute the song.
  • You are asking for tips in exchange for the song. Even if you are not charging for the song directly, you are asking for tips in exchange for it. This could be considered a form of payment, and you may need permission from the copyright holder to accept payment for the song.

To avoid copyright infringement, you could:

  • Obtain a license from the copyright holder. This would give you the legal right to perform, record, and distribute the song.
  • Create your own original work. This would avoid the need to obtain permission from the copyright holder.

It would be advisable to consult with an attorney to get legal advice on how to use copyrighted material, such as songs.