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You are likely to be on this website because you are one of the early ones who understand that BSV is the true Bitcoin because of its commitment to go back to the original Bitcoin protocol, set it in stone, and focus on massive scaling and cheap transaction fees. 

It does not matter if you have 1 BSV or 1000 BSVs. They will eventually be worthless unless BSV is adopted and used by people. That will not happen unless  every day people like you and I start using it to buy goods and services so that a world where people can live, work and earn in Bitcoin SV becomes possible. BSV Search is being developed to allow people to offer their products and services in exchange for BSV tokens. If you believe every satoshi of BSV will be worth a lot more one day because of the potential of human ingenuity to use it and improve the future, start making and earning BSVs today. 

As you can see, this website is very new. Much of its content is still dummy data, but its core functions are working. We will eventually remove the dummy posts as the website receive actual submissions from individuals and businesses like you. 

Today, I invite you to create an account and do any of the following depending on your interests and circumstance...

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