Terms of Use

We at BSVSearch.com want this website to be where people can trade with each other safely. This is why it is important that we need to let users know what is expected before using this website to avoid misunderstanding, minimise fraud and misrepresentation. We ask every user of this website to understand, accept, agree and adhere to the following statements and obligations:

  1. We at BSVSearch.com do not validate, verify or confirm the identity of participants here. As such, we do not necessarily represent, endorse or recommend any businesses or people who use this site. Similarly, we do not check the accuracy, reliability and truthfulness of the information they provide about the products, properties, events or anything else they post. You are encouraged, therefore, to contact the author of the person submitting and enquire about the items they are offering and about them so you can determine whether you want to do business with them.  
  2. Always insist on creating documentation to evidence your transactions and establish the identity of both transacting parties. Use receipts, invoices and other appropriate instruments that prove the details of the transaction. Documentation can help you establish your claim should the other party not fulfil their obligations. 
  3. BSVSearch.com does not exchange or sell your data to other companies. 
  4. BSVSearch.com does not facilitate or transfer payments between businesses and users of this site. If someone contacts you asking for BSVs tokens or money, saying they are us, do not believe them. 
  5. BSVSearch.com does not email, call, text or contact you to sell any of the items here. If someone contacts you pretending to be us, do not believe them. Come to this website and confirm the information you were given. 
  6. You do not engage in illegal activity using this website. 
  7. Playing with words to sell a product  sometimes called as marketing 'fluff'  is allowed. However, you agree not to misrepresent or lie about the items you post on this website in a way that can be construed as fraudulent. Always provide information as truthfully and factually as you can. 
  8. You do not pretend to be someone else on this website. You do not imitate or assume the identity of another person, or misrepresent yourself and your associations with other persons, businesses, companies and other legal entities. (For example, do not say you represent or work for a particular company when you do not have a legal contract to represent or work for that particular company.) 

Please do not use this website if you do not understand, accept or agree to any of the terms outlined above. You acknowledge that by continuing to use this website, you are accepting these statements and obligations.